Minecraft Disney!

We’d been looking around for some new build ideas for the realm, to do some fun and quick designs that took Melvis’s mind off her rather ambitious idea of building some pretty big Harry Potter inspired builds… Yes, the Hogwarts Castle that was downgraded to ‘Boathouse’ is still ongoing and hopefully at some point will be ready for water! But, in the meantime, starting a Disney-themed section seemed like a good diversion from hard building, and so we’ve started things off with the house from ‘Up’ and of course, Mickey Mouse 🙂

If you’d like to give some of these things a try yourself, here are the design templates we’ve used, and keep checking back with us as we add more to this area of the realm – there’s so much Disney stuff to choose from I can see this getting pretty big!

A BIG Mickey Mouse Minecraft Design – we’ve not tried this Classic Mickey yet…
The cute little Mickey Mouse design we used in our realm
We’ve added a floating Disney ‘D’ logo above our new area, a bit like the Harry Potter area

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