Logic & Elves – Extra!

If you liked our video yesterday on Logic & Elves, or would like to know more about the creator of the game, then check out the links below for Dwittyy who built the game!

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 21.30.43

Here’s the link to Dwittyy’s own YouTube channel, where you can find out more about the games he has designed and other gaming stuff!


(Please note: this link is for external content and all detail have not been verified as kid-friendly, so please review and decide for yourself).

Logic and Elves!! (Tried and Tested #11) Minecraft Mini Game

Ho Ho Ho – Merry Christmas Everybody!

It’s nearly Christmas and Melvis and Hopper have got themselves temporary jobs in the present sorting office in Minecraft to help the elves get ready for the big day… OR… they are trying out another festive mini game in Realms – you decide 🙂

If you like the look of Logic & Elves, you can find it in the minigame section on Minecraft Realms and try it for yourself – see if you can beat our (not so) super time of 21 minutes!

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Abominable Snowball Fights!! (Tried and Tested #10) Minecraft Mini Game

It’s cold outside, it’s nearly Christmas so, let’s see what Minecraft Minigames there are for the festive season…

Look, look, look – we found Snowbound!

Today’s video is the latest in our Tried and Tested series and we’re playing the Minecraft Minigame ‘Snowbound’ in Minecraft Realms – how can something with this much snow in it not be festive?

See what happens when battle commences between two very cute snowmen (aka Melvis and Hopper) and how much fun this minigame is!

If you want to try this for yourself you can get it automatically in the Minecraft Realms mini-game section, which is where we played it from.


Minecraft – Console Commands and Using Them

Everyone needs a little help now and then when it comes to Minecraft…


In our Realms World, Hopper and I have been playing around with commands to see what they can help you out with. Below is a list of many of the basic commands that you can use in Minecraft (if you have permissions set correctly) and some help on how to use them. If you want a player to have access to these features – make sure that they are trusted, as they can do lots of things as an ‘operator’ – and then go to their profile in your Minecraft Realms ‘Players’ tab – click the shield to make it gold and they will be promoted to an operator. If you want to remove this, then you can do this in the same way.

Now for some of the commands you can use in this mode!


Typing this in will bring up a list of the general commands available to you at that point in the game. If you type /help [CommandName] it will provide you with more information on the command that you have asked about.

e.g. typing /help gamemode will tell you how to use/type that command

/give [Amount] [DataValue]
Use this command to give another player an item from your inventory, or can also be used if you are in Realms survival to get something very specific.

e.g. typing /give Hopperboye diamond 64 will give your Minecraft buddy 64 diamonds!!

If you want to give a specific item, like a diamond sword, which has two words in the name you should use an under-score to separate them, otherwise they won’t be recognised.

e.g. /give Hopperboye diamond_sword 1

/tp [TargetPlayer]
No more running and jumping from place to place – instantly transport yourself or another player to a specific location in the world. Using another player’s name in place of the coordinates will transport the target directly to said player’s location.

e.g. /tp Melvis_WG would bring Hopper from wherever he is to where I am

You can use this same command with coordinates to travel great distances (helpful if you know where things are in your world). So, you can use these to move around your world, or different bases quickly.

e.g. /tp Melvis_WG would bring Hopper from wherever he is to where I am

For our guide on coordinates in Minecraft, click here.

Kills your character, adding another player’s name e.g. /kill Hopperboye will apply the command to them. 😦 Let’s not use that!

Allows you to choose the weather or your world.

Options include:

    type Description
    clear Sky will clear and turn blue. It will stop raining/snowing.
    rain Sky will darken. It will start to rain (in a snow biome, the rain will appear as snow).
    thunder Sky will darken. It will start to rain and then thunder/lightning.
  • duration is optional. It is the length of time (in seconds) that the weather cycle will last, so leave a space and type in how many seconds it should last.

e.g. /weather clear will make it clear permanently

/weather clear 999 will make it clear for 999 seconds


Creative mode
/gamemode creative
Changes the gamemode to Creative mode, which allows player flight, unlimited resources and stops mobs attacking you. (You can also use /gamemode 1 for Creative)

Survival mode
/gamemode survival
Changes the gamemode to Survival mode, which means mobs will attack you and you’ll have to gather all resources the old-fashioned way. (You can also use /gamemode 0 for Creative)

Set time
/time set 1000
Sets the time to day. Replace “1000” with “0” for dawn, “6000” for midday, “12000” for dusk and “18000” for night.

Change difficulty to Peaceful
/difficulty peaceful
Changes difficulty to Peaceful mode. Replace “peaceful” with “easy”, “ normal”, or “hard” for more of a challenge.

How to find your world’s seed code
This will produce a code for your world, note it down so that you can load up an identical one in the future.

Keep inventory when you die
/gamerule keepInventory true
Ensures you don’t lose your items upon dying. To revert this, type “false” in place of “true”

Stop time
/gamerule doDaylightCycle false
This will stop the game’s day/light cycle in it’s place, allowing you to live under permanent sunshine or moonlight. To resume the day/light cycle type in “/gamerule doDaylightCycle true”.

Instantly drops a desired creature or object into your world, especially handy for when you’re short a couple of tame wolves.

Shoots a TNT block at where the player’s pointing.

Atlantis mode
Dramatically raises the world’s water level, submerging all but the highest mountains.

Teleports the player to where they’re facing

Mob damage
Mobs can’t deal any damage to you.

Turns the creature you’re facing into a mount.

Instant mine
One-click mining with any tool.

Stops mobs in their tracks.

Fall damage
Turns fall damage on and off.

Fire damage
Turns fire damage on and off.

Water damage
Turns water damage on and off.

Smelt item
Turns all items into their smelted form.

Instant plant
No more waiting around for a planted seed to grow.

Store items
Stores all inventory items into a chest, which spawns nearby.

Item damage
Weapons no longer receive damage or degrade.

Copies and drops the item stack that you have equipped.

That’s all the basic commands covered, but if there’s something more specific you’re looking to do with console commands check out a more thorough guide here on Minecraft Gamepedia!

Minecraft Coordinates and How to Follow Them…

The coordinate system used in Minecraft is a bit confusing, as it doesn’t use the same approach as normal coordinates. Usually with coordinates X and Y axes – like on a graph or chart – are used when talking about length and width – in these systems, Z is used for height. However, in Minecraft, the X and Z axes represent length and width instead, with Y representing height. Helpful, eh…

Anyway, in Minecraft the centre of your Minecraft world is at the point 0, 0.

When X or Z increase or decease, it means that you are moving farther away from 0, 0, or the middle of your Minecraft world. Traveling to the south-east will increase your X and Z coordinates, and traveling north-west will decrease your X and Z coordinates. On the Y axis (height), 0 is the very bottom of the map, and 256 is the top of the map (or 128 in the Nether). Sea level is at 64 on the Y axis.

If, for example, your coordinates read X: 200, Y: 75, Z: -100, you would be 200 blocks east and 100 blocks north of your 0, 0 block, and at an altitude of 75 blocks.