Our Top 10 Games of 2019!

Well, we’re just at the start of a new year and thought we’d take a few minutes to look back 2019 and what games we played the most and discovered in the year. We’ve not done one of these posts since 2017 and so there’s bound to be some changes, but I’ll bet there will be some long time favourites in here too!

Do you agree with any of the games on our list or do you have your own favourites from 2019? Let us know!

Top-10 (2016)

In no particular order, here are our favourites!

As always, you’d expect to see Minecraft in our list – we’re still playing it as much as ever, although not as much in the MinecraftRealms world – 2019 meant Melvis trying Hypixel for Skyblock (and bashing it a bit…) and Hopper tried his luck with his own server – still ongoing and not yet featured in a video, so watch this space… 


Fortnite 6No surprise that 2019 sees Fortnite becoming popular with Hopper… By the end of the year this was one of his favourite games and he’d managed to graduate from noob to mediocre 🙂

He’s collected some pretty cool skins along the way including the Demigorgon from Stranger Things, which was one of our fave binge watch box sets of 2019 and spawned a new flurry of Funko Pop purchases… (Melvis loves Scoops Ahoy Steve!)

220px-Lego_DC_Super-Villains_CoverSo, 2019 was pretty thin on the ground for Lego games – there was only the Lego Movie 2 game tie-in that came out and we didn’t get it! But, The Incredibles was still popular, and we’re close to completing the awesome Lego DC Villains which both released in 2018. Also in 2018, they released an updated Lego Harry Potter Collection, which brought together all the school years 1 – 7 in a single pack! Again, Melvis and Hopper are still progressing through this series, learning the new spells and hoping to pass their NEWTs before the end of 2020! 

KingdomsIf she gets the time, Mel still loves Kingdoms and Castles released on Steam for PC and Mac in 2017. There have been lots of extra features added since it first launched, including witches (that you can help or antagonise!) and the ability to trade goods. Obviously, the plague and general depression still tend trouble your peasants as well as the occasional dragon and Viking attack… Ah, Melvis needs to get back to her subjects and play a game of this 🙂

Clash Royale

Not a surprise for you that Clash Royale has made the Top 10 is it – yes Melvis is still obsessed, yes, she’s collecting more cards and now runs two separate profiles in the Clan – Level 11 and Level 9 – you’ll have seen some Clash videos in the last few months and probably more to come as the new Season packs added in 2019, along with extra emotes for in-game communication, designer tower skins and new game modes all make this more interesting than ever!

BeamNG Drive

One of Hopper’s favourite games – that he finally got his PC upgrade to be able to handle is BeamNG.drive We’ve done a few test run videos but not posted any yet, but expect something on this soon!


Totally Accurate Battle Simulator / Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator have both made appearances on Hopper’s PC playlist this year – with more play options and a higher spec PC he can run bigger battles and crazier teams… Stan Lee Vs an army of Frodo Hobbits? You got it!

Prison ArchitectHopper picked up Prison Architect on Steam having seen DanTDM’s videos on it – a construction and management game (like a prison-themed Theme Park or Kingdoms and Castles) you have to keep your prisoners happy – and not rioting – shake down their cells and generally ensure that people don’t die or escape… Thankfully the cartoony-style of it all stops it being too depressing, although I’m not sure I’ve seen a world of Hopper’s yet that hasn’t ended in a riot and the prison burning down – so hopefully not a future career in the prison service, for everyone’s sake 🙂

Subnautica Below ZeroThe original Subnautica was a favourite with Hopper a couple of years ago, so when Subnautica Below Zero was released in January 2019 on Steam in a trial mode, we got straight into this new version of the game, set on a frozen world. Come to think of it, I think there were a couple of videos on this from back then, perhaps we should dig them out…?

So that was our most played of 2019 – what were yours?

Battle Mash Up! (UEBS #1)

It’s battle time again! Today we’re trying out Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator as an alternative to TABS…

Ever wondered what an army of penguins would be like, or what Stan Lee would do if he could clone himself a few hundred times and fight a Star Wars Walker… No? Well, neither had we until today!

Check out our very random, but pretty epic first battles in UEBS and let us know what you think 🙂


Carrot dude!! (Steam #1) Factory Town

Hello out there! Hope you’ve been enjoying the weekend so far – today we’ve been playing ‘Factory Town’ a fun builder game where you get to gradually industrialise your town as you progress, teaching your little worker dudes about different industries (like farming, forestry, masonry) to upskill them and make ever more advanced products and run the town.

Check out our video to see how we get on in our first go at the game, it’s very exciting when we work out how to build and operate the automatic wagon (honestly!)

And thanks to Hopper, who took on his first solo editing bash on this video!

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Lord of the Rings in TABS!! (TABS #1)

Let battle commence!

Join us for our first TABS video where we’re recreating epic (and not-so-epic) battles from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit as best we can with the characters available in TABS…

See the Ents destroy Isengard and the highly accurate Battle of the Five Armies – it’s just like reading the books 🙂

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Erm, I Kinda Killed the Peasants (Kingdoms & Castles #2)

Greetings and salutations, honoured visitor of ‘Thy Hopper Towne’… welcome back to our growing, thriving village!

Join Hopper as he picks up from Year 27 and flies solo as leader of our towne in Kingdoms and Castles, what could go wrong?

Wait, what do you mean the vikings are attacking, and we have no food, and there’s another dragon coming…?!

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Argh! The Plague!! (Kingdoms & Castles #1)

Greetings peasant!

Welcome to ‘Thy Hopper Towne’ where you can live in a hovel, fight off dragons with a bucket and work hard for a measly mouthful of food – sound good?

Well, that’s what the lucky little peasant dudes that inhabit the game Kingdoms and Castles have to look forward to. Join Melvis and Hopper in a first video on this game, where you can learn about how to get started with building a city and the basics of peasant care! 🙂

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Gameplay Tips for Subnautica #9

Here are some tips and info to accompany the gameplay video we posted today, in case you’re playing along at home.
We were looking for Sandstone for Silver, to help build some of the habitat pieces we want for a base. We also went to investigate under the Aurora explosion/crash site and found loads of metal to salvage and some more cool design blueprints. So, if you’ve not been out there yet – get collecting! 😀
Sandstone Outcrop – these deposits can provide lead, gold or silver ores, for use in construction. They can be found in the following locations (links out to further information on Subnautica Wiki pages):

I Got a Grav Trap!! (Subnautica #6)

Look, look, look! I got a grav trap! 😀 Lots of fish for dinner tonight!

So… In the last video Hopper was swimming around (and around, and around, and around, and – well, you get the idea!) He needed silver to make the wire for the grav trap design he had managed to scan. After some time off camera, he managed to find some sand clusters with silver in them and had enough to make his grav trap – see how things go as he puts it to work…

Welcome back to Subnautica, where you can check out Hopper’s latest video in this survival series!