How do I make the dyes in Minecraft?

Quick post here for you to accompany our latest Minecraft Realms survival video, where we make the world a nicer and brighter place, by dying all the sheep in a rainbow of colours!

Most of the colours are made simply using your crafting table, with a few like ‘cactus green’ needing you to put the cactus cubes in the furnace first, to extract the colour.

minecraft dye guide

Minecraft Dye Chart and How to Make Them…

Here’s another, extended crafting guide – with pictures – from the official Minecraft Wiki page if you need more help 😀


Rainbow Baaaaaa-rbers!! (We-Game Realms #7)

Red and yellow and pink and green…

Welcome back to our Realms survival world, where we are making the world a brighter, more colourful and fluffy place…

Yes, that’s right – today we’re getting creative with dyes and changing the bland, lackluster appearance of our normal sheep and making them all colourful and beautiful – then we’re stealing their wool to make rugs 😦

Don’t worry, they won’t be too cold for long, the lovely colours will grow back pretty quick!

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