Superman Vs Batman in Minecraft

Just been adding some little finishing touches to the DC Comics build from last week – check out Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman chilling out in our Minecraft creative realm.

We’re planning a pretty big Batman section soon and will share some design ideas for you to try yourself later this week.

Here’s our latest additions on the realm and the designs we used, in case you want to try this yourself 🙂

Happy building!

Wonder Woman and the Lasso of Truth!

Super cute matching Superman and Batman!

Baby Yoda in Minecraft!

So, in 2020 we loved watching the Mandalorian like lots of people – and who doesn’t love the super cute Baby Yoda aka The Child?

As you’ve seen, a little while ago we’d started a Disney themed area of our creative Minecraft Realm world, and today I thought it would be fun to add a Baby Yoda to a space alongside… Here’s a little short video of the finished build and the design we replicated – and if you wanted to try your own, there are some little ‘mini’ designs here to try too at the bottom of the post.

I’ve also shared the Mandalorian helmet design, which I am definitely going to try soon 🙂

Large Mandalorian Helmet Minecraft Design
Tiny Baby Yoda / The Child – Minecraft Design

Minecraft Disney!

We’d been looking around for some new build ideas for the realm, to do some fun and quick designs that took Melvis’s mind off her rather ambitious idea of building some pretty big Harry Potter inspired builds… Yes, the Hogwarts Castle that was downgraded to ‘Boathouse’ is still ongoing and hopefully at some point will be ready for water! But, in the meantime, starting a Disney-themed section seemed like a good diversion from hard building, and so we’ve started things off with the house from ‘Up’ and of course, Mickey Mouse 🙂

If you’d like to give some of these things a try yourself, here are the design templates we’ve used, and keep checking back with us as we add more to this area of the realm – there’s so much Disney stuff to choose from I can see this getting pretty big!

A BIG Mickey Mouse Minecraft Design – we’ve not tried this Classic Mickey yet…
The cute little Mickey Mouse design we used in our realm
We’ve added a floating Disney ‘D’ logo above our new area, a bit like the Harry Potter area

Happy Christmas!!

Hi guys! Happy Christmas 🙂 we hope you’re having a great time during the festive period after such a challenging year. Just as we have done for the last couple of years, we’ve updated our We-Game creative realm with some lovely seasonal additions today – 2020 is all about the ‘snowman’ for us.

If you ‘wanna build a snowman’ then check out the design ideas attached below for you to try yourself, along with a few other cheeky Christmas designs that we’ve done in previous years.

Ahhh – little snowman and snowlady – this cute couple are pretty big when you build them and are the centrepiece of our 2020 Christmas build… Build tip: do all the detail / outlines first and then go back to fill the snow and scarf areas – happy building!
This little guy will definitely be added to our realm at some point – so cute!
The Gingerbread man made it onto the realm in my 2018 surprise Christmas build for Hopper, along with the stocking…
How cute is this tiny Santa? 🙂
We’ve added this cute Snowman to the We-Game realm today!
A cheeky snowman that you could try and make 3D…?

Super Mario Minecraft Build – Designs

Hi guys! As promised, here are the three Super Mario designs we recreated in our Minecraft creative realm in today’s video – hope you enjoyed it and have fun putting a Nintendo build in your own Minecraft world.

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 09.04.26

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 09.04.49Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 09.05.24

As an added bonus, here are some more Mario inspired designs we’ve found for you to try out, see if you can spot any in our world that we did off camera, and come back and share with us a screenshot of your world if you decide to build any of these! 🙂

Happy building!