Draft Battles!! (iPad Gaming #6) Try new cards for free in ‘Clash Royale’

Don’t have the best cards? Who cares – because in ‘Draft Battles’ you get to pick your deck each match from a whole host of cards, including legendary and epic ones from higher arenas than you’ve reached yet!

In today’s video we’re back in Clash Royale to share the fun that is ‘draft battles’. It doesn’t matter what level you are or what cards you’ve already got – here you can get anything in the draw at the start of each match.

Just try to keep your elixir costs reasonable – or else you won’t get to play the awesome cards – and make sure you have a good mixture of skills to take out air and ground troops and you should be good to go…

See how things go when Hopper and Melvis take each other on in head-to-head draft battles – they’re supposed to be ‘friendly’ ones within the clan…not sure that will be the case though!

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Basic Training!! (iPad Gaming #5) Learn to Play ‘Clash Royale’

Want to learn the basics on Clash Royale…?

Today’s video will help you get started with how lots of the early characters work and where to use them (and when not to!)

Melvis and Hopper take each other on in ‘friendly’ battles to show you the best – and worst – features of the game characters you’ll meet in the first few arenas of play. Take a watch and prepare yourself with tips and tricks on how to best deploy your troops and help you to battle success!!

Minion Mayhem!! (iPad Gaming #4) Minion Rush

Today we check out the latest updates to the Minion Rush game, which has been around since 2013 but has some great new levels and missions based on the new Despicable Me 3 movie – half a billion downloads of this game apparently – WOW! Then, you can see how Melvis and Hopper cope with a Minions trivia quiz – do they know Phil from Dave? You’ll have to find out…

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2v2 Team Battle (iPad Gaming #3) Clash Royale

Let the battle commence!

Yes, we’re back playing Clash Royale today because it’s 2v2 week… In these battles you can join another player from around the world or someone from your own clan and team up to take on two other players in a Clash Royale MEGA BATTLE!!

See how Hopper and Melvis fare – and how badly things go wrong when you have technical issues and lose wifi signal at just the wrong time 😦

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Can You Beat Akinator…? (iPad Gaming #2)

“Look into my eyes and I will read your mind…”

Or, in the case of Akinator, it’s a bit more: “Download my app and I will guess who you are thinking of…”

For our second iPad gaming video we’re showcasing the Akinator app available on iPad and Android. Join Hopper and Melvis as they try and trick Akinator – or at least get some Silver and Gold awards for coming up with some difficult-to-guess characters!

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Draft Challenge (iPad Gaming #1) Clash Royale

Welcome the the first video in our new iPad and tablet gaming series!

We’re starting off with Clash Royale, spin-off game from Clash of Clans both by Supercell. Hopper and I have been playing this a lot over the past few weeks, to build up our collection of cards to battle each other and other players with.

This weekend’s special event on Clash Royale is the ‘Draft Challenge’ where you can play your clan-mates in friendly battles getting epic cards from all the different levels of the game to try and beat them…

See who wins the battle and emerges victorious this time 😀

Let the battle commence!

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Clash Royale – Balance Update June 2017

Clash Royale

As you’ll see from the video we’ll be posting this week, Hopper and I have been loving playing Clash Royale recently. Today, the game’s creators – Supercell – are releasing an update to the game that changes some of the powers of the existing cards… This happens from time to time, Supercell say it’s based on feedback from the players, but today’s changes are pretty big and look like they’ll take down some of the most popular Clash Royale cards.

You can read the full release from Supercell here on their blogpost: https://clashroyale.com/blog/release-notes/balance-changes-coming-6-12

The ones that Hopper and I have and use a lot, which will be affected are:

The Tornado – duration will go from 3sec down to 2.5sec – this is a great card for holding back a mob of attackers to give you chance to get some defence in place, or for your towers to target them whilst they’re stuck in the vortex. It sounds like it will still be effective, but only against some of the weaker mobs groups like skeletons and goblins – to get some decent effects from it you’ll need to combine it with an attacker like a Wizard or Executioner – or maybe a Rocket!

The Log, which is a neat little defence item that rolls over your opponents  team and flattens them will have a shorter range: down to 11.1 from 11.6.

One of my favourites, the Goblin Gang will now have only 2 Spear Goblins instead of 3… I think this will make a real difference and wonder if they’ll end up dropping out of my regular deck…?

Some cards are being increased in the update, which include the Inferno Dragon getting a 7% hitpoints increase as well as a faster re-targeting, which isn’t too wrong – they often seemed to go down without much of a fight.


What do you think of the changes, are they too much or about right? The change comes in today, so bye-bye Mister Goblin, maybe three was a crowd…

I’m Mostly Playing…Slitherio

Just a quick post, to let you know about a new game I’ve been playing this week on iPad – Slitherio!


Slitherio is a little like Agario, where you eat dots to grow bigger and try and take out other players/absorb them to make yourself bigger again. It’s lots of fun (as long as you don’t get wifi lag!) and a tad addictive when you get started…


Want to try it? Here’s how:

Play now online http://slither.io/

Search ‘Slitherio’ in App Store and download for free 🙂

Old Favourites for Little Ones – Top 5

We were having a bit of a virtual clear out this weekend – also known as ‘deleting stuff off the iPad to make more room’ – and with quite a few apps and games aimed at a younger audience going in this latest round of housekeeping, I thought it might make a good post to share with you a Top 5 list of old favourites suitable for younger gamers, up to around five-years old.

Talking PierreNumber 5 – Talking…Tom Cat, Pierre, Ben the Dog, Roby the Robot…

All of these apps proved popular with young HopperBoy (from age 2+ I’d say). They are very easy to navigate and have options for them to do cheeky things, like dance, jump out on one another or ‘squirt’ you with water from the taps. Most kids seem to like the fact that they will repeat what you say to them, in their own funny voice. These apps are produced by Outfit 7 and follow similar patterns for each character – the only draw-back, in my opinion, is the in-app purchase options to dress up the characters, that kids will often see and want to add to the basic game.

Minion Rush Game

Number 4 – Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Very similar to Temple Run game this is a great Minion-themed version for children – running through familiar scenes from the films. With fun extras to use as you go, such as the freeze gun, this is a nice alternative to the adult versions of the ‘running’ games. There are additional challenges you can complete as you go along – collecting bananas, going certain distances without collecting coins, using freeze-ray six times, etc. – that give older kids something to aim for. For younger ones, they can get some finger-eye co-ordination practice as they leap the obstacles.


Number 3 – Fun ‘Physics’ Games

There are a lot of these games around, where you use basic ideas such as gravity, changing states from water to steam to ice, etc. to complete the levels in little puzzle games. Two of our long-standing favourites of this type of game were Sprinkle Junior (and if you like it – there is a grown-up version, which I also recommend) and Where’s My Water?Sprinkle Jr

Sprinkle Junior is aimed at under 5s (best suited 2-4 years I’d estimate, as it could be too easy for some older ones and there are only around 20-levels which might not prove challenging enough for more experienced baby-gamers). The player takes on the role of a mini-fire fighter who use their water hoses to tackle little hut fires and save their friends. In early levels, the players need to work out how height and angle of the hoses affect the distances the water will travel – later on, you might have to blast away obstacles first to reach the fires. It’s a good introduction to puzzle-solving games and isn’t too hard, or too easy and so holds attention well. If this looks too easy, then go straight for the original to challenge them further.

Where's My WaterOnce they’ve mastered Sprinkle Junior they can graduate to the slightly more difficult Where’s My Water? from Disney games. There is a ‘lite’ version of this that you can try, to see if your child enjoys it enough to make the purchase. In this game, you use your finger to create paths through soil to direct water to various machines, as you try and get it back to the tank for Swampy’s shower, without losing too much along the way. It is the game that spawned a hundred copies – but this is still the best and has plenty of levels and new add-in content (without additional cost) which should keep them going for a while.

Are they old enough Logo

Want a second opinion on app age ratings?

Check out the Are They Old Enough? site, which gives you a lot of detail on game content, as well as a ‘voted for by parents’ age range guide for many games, apps, TV shows and movies. Here’s the link to the Where’s My Water? page.


Puppet Pals - Kids GameNumber 2 – Puppet Pals

Any budding directors or actors out there? Puppet Pals is a great little app that allows your child to build their own sets, move characters around the stage, add voice-overs and then record them in the app to replay as mini-films. As well as a large range of existing character templates, they can also use their pictures from their tablet files to make new characters with friends and family! It is lots of fun watching the stories they create with you 🙂 This was a free app, so even better and is a good way to get their creative juices going, practicing story-telling skills as well as letting them flex their dramatic skills. Interesting for older ones, as well as little ones.


Number 1Anything Toca Boca!

The Toca Boca app series is one of the best and as the collection continues to grow all the time, there’s probably even better stuff now than there was when we discovered them four years ago. Although you pay a small amount for each app, you benefit from no in-app purchases and third-party ads – plus most of them have a ‘free trial’ or ‘lite’ option, which means that you can see whether it is interesting for your little one or not, before you purchase.


Several of the apps take a favourite kids game – such as ‘playing shop’ – and add a neat electronic twist, giving you ‘Toca Store’ where you can layout items in your shop for sale; decide how much to charge for each, take money from customers and use a little till. ‘Toca Doctor’ takes your child’s medical make-believe play to a whole new level, with little illnesses and minor injuries for them to investigate and treat.

Some of our other favourite Toca Boca apps are:

Toca Hair Salon – wash, blow-dry, cut, colour and more – with lots of different characters to choose from, including animals, this provided endless opportunities for creating whacky styles!

Toca Kitchen – you guessed it: there’s a fridge full of food and all the equipment you might need to conjure up a culinary masterpiece (or even more fun, mix together the strangest ingredients or don’t cook them well and your computerised guests are not going to be happy).

TOca Band

And my personal favourite! Toca Band – a variety of crazy-looking creatures make a range of different sounds to various rhythms, that you can easily blend together to make interesting tunes. Move them from one level to another to change the tune they play. As much fun for grown-ups as it is for kids, just make sure that you let them have a go 🙂

You can find out more about Toca Boca, their ethos and apps here: http://tocaboca.com/

Phew! That was a trip down memory lane. Hope you’ve found something good to share with your mini-gamers here – If there’s any great apps you think should have appeared here, then let us know in the Comments below.