Minecraft A-Z Guide

Random terms encountered whilst discovering all things Minecraft – hopefully they’ll help you in translating! I’ll keep adding as they come along.

commandsa full guide on how you can use commands in Minecraft (maybe a little bit of cheating…) and what they do can be found in our post here

coordinates – a full guide on how the coordinates in Minecraft work and what you can do with them can be found in our post here

/fill command – a quick reference post here on how to use ‘fill’ to complete large areas of blocks in Minecraft builds

dyes – a full guide on making the various dyes you can use to change the colour of leather, clay, wool and more can be found in our post here

gg – ‘gg’ stands for ‘good game’ and is often typed in the text box area at the end of a multi-player game to say thanks to the other players.

mods – These are the various ‘modifications’ that you can use to create additional game play, different to vanilla Minecraft. They usually work with specific versions of Minecraft, that you need to play them in and sometimes they can be a little tricky loading in. The help pages in ‘ModMum’ were some of the best I’ve found when trying to get mods working, CLICK HERE to open up their guide in a new window.

PvE – PvE stands for “player vs. environment” and generally relates to the types of worlds available on public servers. Most public servers — particularly family-friendly ones — are PvE; where you battle monsters rather than other players.

PvP – PvP stands for “player vs. player” and whilst a lot of the public servers are PvE setups, some have special PvP areas where you can fight against other players in specially set up mini-games. (And don’t worry about your stuff – usually if you die in mini-games you don’t lose it all!)

Servers  – There are all sorts of Minecraft servers around, from ones with lots of mini-games to play against other players, others that you can play through in really cool, built-up worlds. We did a couple of posts on Minecraft Servers, which you can check out here.

Whitelisted – this relates to public servers and essentially means that only registered user names can access that particular server. You can normally apply to be whitelisted by registering on the website for that particular server via a form.