Argh! The Plague!! (Kingdoms & Castles #1)

Greetings peasant!

Welcome to ‘Thy Hopper Towne’ where you can live in a hovel, fight off dragons with a bucket and work hard for a measly mouthful of food – sound good?

Well, that’s what the lucky little peasant dudes that inhabit the game Kingdoms and Castles have to look forward to. Join Melvis and Hopper in a first video on this game, where you can learn about how to get started with building a city and the basics of peasant care! 🙂

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Pixel Gun 3D (Hopper Plays #1)

So, it’s been a while hasn’t it?

Things have been busy around the We-Game house the last couple of months, with lots on with school and work, but we’re finally catching up with editing and posting and the summer holidays are nearly here – so expect more to follow soon!

Today’s video is the first in a new YouTube channel series ‘Hopper Plays’ and will feature solo videos from HopperBoy as he tries out new games and starts to take control of his own editing…. Pixel Gun 3D is featured today, check it out.