Clash Royale – Balance Update June 2017

Clash Royale

As you’ll see from the video we’ll be posting this week, Hopper and I have been loving playing Clash Royale recently. Today, the game’s creators – Supercell – are releasing an update to the game that changes some of the powers of the existing cards… This happens from time to time, Supercell say it’s based on feedback from the players, but today’s changes are pretty big and look like they’ll take down some of the most popular Clash Royale cards.

You can read the full release from Supercell here on their blogpost:

The ones that Hopper and I have and use a lot, which will be affected are:

The Tornado – duration will go from 3sec down to 2.5sec – this is a great card for holding back a mob of attackers to give you chance to get some defence in place, or for your towers to target them whilst they’re stuck in the vortex. It sounds like it will still be effective, but only against some of the weaker mobs groups like skeletons and goblins – to get some decent effects from it you’ll need to combine it with an attacker like a Wizard or Executioner – or maybe a Rocket!

The Log, which is a neat little defence item that rolls over your opponentsĀ  team and flattens them will have a shorter range: down to 11.1 from 11.6.

One of my favourites, the Goblin Gang will now have only 2 Spear Goblins instead of 3… I think this will make a real difference and wonder if they’ll end up dropping out of my regular deck…?

Some cards are being increased in the update, which include the Inferno Dragon getting a 7% hitpoints increase as well as a faster re-targeting, which isn’t too wrong – they often seemed to go down without much of a fight.


What do you think of the changes, are they too much or about right? The change comes in today, so bye-bye Mister Goblin, maybe three was a crowd…

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