Just Testing…Cubeville

OK – so on our last outings on Minecraft severs, HopperBoy and me were in the process of discovering how everything worked. To get things started we spent some time in the Cubeville server (details at the bottom of this post, if you want to try for yourself).


And this is what we thought of it!

Cubeville is generally PvE Minecraft server – it offers you a community to interact with, that has additions like a money system and games for players to interact. It allows up to around 150 players on at one time, but from what we found it was never too busy and the players we met in game were nice and helpful. There are also Mods online (majority of the time we played) and they assist with any issues or inappropriate behaviour, which is great.

HopperBoy’s thoughts on Cubeville:

The Good

Gameplay was pretty much the same as normal Minecraft

The community was generally nice and helpful – thank you MrFunnyBonesMeow šŸ™‚

The huge world to explore with fun fairs, large buildings and other ready built creations for you to play around on

Spawn points and ‘drop areas’ onto bouncy grass were lots of fun


The Not-so-Good

Difficult to find a free area to build your own house on – there are lots of ‘areas’ to go to, but are heavily built on already and/or protected

Because finding a free space was difficult, when we gathered resources we could not store them safely anywhere and we played several times and lost everything when we died which was v. frustrating!

Getting food when you first start can be a bit tricky, so when you die of hunger and lose your stuff, that is even more frustrating (although a few lovely players we met who were well established did help us out and gave us bits and pieces).


Overall, we’d give it 3* – it was a nice introduction to sever gameplay, however, not being able to easily establish yourself and complying with the rules made it a bit tricky and at times upsetting when lots of hard earned items were lost on dying. I would have thought some way of creating little ‘land packets’ that clearly create boundaries for someone to build within (and see if they are free or not) would be a great improvement from a grown up point of view and make establishing yourself much easier and allow you to ‘bond’ with the server environment more easily and feel at home.

In our next blog post, you can check out our video to see how our first visit to Cubeville went…


Want to try it? Here’s how!





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