Tried and Tested (#7) ‘The Present Factory’

Today’s video is the latest in our Tried and Tested series and we’re playing the Minecraft Minigame ‘The Present Factory’.

The goal in this game is to arrange blocks on a factory floor in such a way that you turn a series of inputs (stacks of presents) into a desired series of outputs at the other side of the room. For instance, you might have a system that only sends presents to the output if they are larger than the previous stack, or one that only sends the largest stack of presents. There are a whole range of custom ‘conveyor belt’ blocks in this minigame, which you use to move and sort the presents in various ways to solve the puzzle.

There are apparently 20 puzzles of more-or-less increasing difficulty, starting at the absolutely easy first puzzle and ending at the fiendishly difficult twentieth puzzle – we made it quickly through the first few as you’ll see and then had to work our brains REALLY hard to get through the next couple that we tried off camera! 🙂 You’ll need you brains in full gear for this one…

That said, if any of the puzzles prove too difficult for you, there is a built-in hint system which will provide you two hints per puzzle, as well as a free solution if one is required. There’s no shame in using a free solution (or so we told ourselves).

If you want to try this for yourself you can find more information on the map here, or find it automatically in the Minecraft Realms mini-game section, which is where we played it from. Enjoy!

Map Download:
Map Creator: QwertyuiopThePie