Minecraft Realms (#4) Minecraft Ate My Mum!!

Well, sort of! You’ll have to watch the video to find out what we’re talking about…

In the latest episode of our Minecraft Realms series, we’re back in our survival world to show you some of the work we’ve been doing off-camera to get our home base established… See what we’ve added to keep us safe, watered and fed in this hard survival world, and find out why glitches can be very dangerous!

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Minecraft Realms – The ‘Helpful Mum’ Mod (#2)

witchWelcome to our second video outing in the We-Game Realm… HopperBoy will be having a general mooch about the area to see what there is to see, whilst Melvis becomes a ‘helpful villager’ doing what she’s been told to do and gathering resources… Nothing could possibly go wrong with such a simple plan – could it? Wait a second – is that a witch?


Minecraft Realms – Getting Started (#1)

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first video in the latest series from We-Game, the family gaming channel.

In ‘We-Game Realms’ we will be showing you all the basics of playing vanilla Minecraft in survival mode, whilst exploring what it’s like playing in the new Realms environment.

Our first couple of days? We take over a house, steal some diamonds from a blacksmith and then knock his house down to make ours bigger…Erm, we were feeling a bit naughty that day…

Realms…Our new Minecraft Adventure

For a while now we’ve been chatting about trying out the new-ish Minecraft Realms add-in to the game. Anyone familiar with Minecraft PE on Android or iPad will know that it’s lots of fun being able to play with your friends on their tablet, if you’re sharing the same wifi signal.

Until Realms came along, this wasn’t really an option on PC Minecraft – you either played servers with random people (and possibly logged in with real-world friends) or played the main game alone.

Realms allows you to set up your own private mini-server effectively, where you can invite up to 10 friends to join you. You can log-in to the world at any time, as can your friends, wherever they are! So, it’s a nice, safe way to play in Minecraft with your friends, without being on main servers.

So, we’ve decided to do a little series, where HopperBoy and I create a survival world in Realms and work from scratch together to see if we can make it all the way through the game, in the hard setting. If you want to see how we manage, check out our new video series ‘Realms’, where you can follow us day-by-day as we adventure through a new world together. The series starts tomorrow, so look out for the first video 🙂

If you want to try Realms for yourself, check out these links for more information:

https://minecraft.net/en/realms/ – Official Minecraft Realms

http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Realms – Gamepedia Minecraft Wiki