It’s Adventure Time! (We-Game Realms #10) Minecraft

It’s Adventure Time in Minecraft, with Jake the Dog and Finn the Human! 🙂

Today Melvis and Hopper are back in the We-Game creative realms world and are having a quick building challenge making some Jake and Finn block heads to keep the Minions company…

All the designs used in our Adventure Time build have been posted to the blog, so if you want to try yourself, there are some easy to use block designs on there – let us know how you get on if you try the build yourself!

Build Your Own – Adventure Time

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Build your own… Adventure Time!

We’ve not posted the video for this yet, but thought we’d share the designs for the character heads for our Adventure Time themed build challenge, in case you want to give building your own a try!

Finn Head Design

Finn – Head Design

Jake Head Design

Yay! It’s Jake






Bubblegum Princess Block

Don’t forget Princess Bubblegum 🙂


Adventure Time- Logo Pattern

Adventure Time – Logo Design (This would be pretty big to copy across, but would look EPIC!)